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Chrome OS

Something new in 2009 this year, an event that reveals the world of computers and even has sensational 3 companies in the field of computers known. Google launched a new system called Chrome OS at the end of 2009 this year. Of course, this makes the Mac, Microsoft and Linux have to rack my brain to deal with operating system launched by Google this. End of the year presents a very tiring for the Mac, Microsoft and Linux. After the success of some of their products, Google is directly giving a new breakthrough in this OS Chrome.

picture downloaded from http://gajahitem.files.wordpress.com

They have been successful in their browser of Google Chrome, their services firm that is Google Adsense. Although still in development, Google has a clear party launched the Chrome OS is expected to be an operating system preferred by the consumer computer. In this case, this operating system will look like a browser from Google which is Google Chrome. It looks good and attractive so that the consumers will feel more comfortable in a computer running this operating system.
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Mac, Microsoft and Linux should be prepared in the face of their new competitor. How not, as we know, the Google Company achieve such great success. From search engines, they have been making so much money, the service bureau also produced a big and thorough not Google Chrome is a browser from Google have been competing safari, internet explorer and mozilla firefox. However, as we know, the Google says is still in the developmental stage. Maybe in the next few years the development and research teams will be ready to launch Google Chrome first version of the OS.

Networking efficiency

BTS (base transceiver station) from Huawei Technologies was showed in cell telecommunication expo in Beijing, China. The new product from Huawei BTS are accessing radio technology, or well known as single radio access network (SingleRan).

Huawei Technologies as service`s company became the networking solution for telecommunication. Huawei help people in telecommunication with their brand new product in BTS. This company has offering SingleRan BTS with fourth generation BTS as main components. The fourth generation of the BTS used in over 20 countries around the world for telecommunication operators.

There are a few superiorities for SingleRan BTS. First, SingleRan BTS used to supporting cell access radio networking for multimode functions of communication technologies.
Like code division multiple access (CDMA), global system for mobile (GSM), and worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMax). Well, SingleRan BTS are more efficient to use for the radiation.

BTS SingleRan are more cheaper in cost, infrastructure, the tools, transmission, or BTS towers building.

Registry Mechanic

When we're using our computers or laptops at home, any time we are experiencing a very exciting event because the system in a computer or laptop as we walk with our desires. Moreover, with a good system like that, makes us feel more relaxed, comfortable and happy. It makes us able to do everything in our laptop computers as well. Software, music, games or work with Microsoft Office (for Windows OS) can we run with the maximum.

However, from time to time as well as laptop computers also hit by a virus ktia make the system laptop computer and we are devastated and can not even use kembalik. Although we have used an antivirus with the latest version still not be able to restore the operating system as before. This is due to the existence of a disturbance in the system which is often called the Registry Key.

Registry Mechanic answered all premises related issues in the registry problems in existing operating system on our computers and laptops. By using Registry is broken can be fixed as before. All the missing registry can be restored to perfection. In this software we can run with ease, just click a few buttons we can run the wizard.

Lingoes V2.6.2, the translator

In internet, we could find anything around the world. Sport, entertaining, news, knowledge and you could find an unidentified stuff. Internet became the new tools for people who want to know about world as soon as possible. Internet provides and services as to get all brand new information from the world.
But, when we surfing on the internet and we get the new information, actually internet provides the information with an international language. But, some information does not have some tools to translate the information.
Well, it could be some problem for us. Google has provides some tools called Google Translator. But this stuff only use when we connect to the internet.
There is a software application called Lingoes V2.6.2, it help us to translate some information. Lingoes V2.6.2 are dictionary application and also translator. Lingoes V2.6.2 is a product which powered by Google.

Lingoes application absolutely support by more than 60 languages in world. Automatically, this application could identify the words and showing us the defined or the meaning of the words. And also change the words into any other languages with click the hotkey button.
Lingoes help user to learn languages, not only one language but also more than 60 languages. Lingoes also have some feature like money convert, periodic table, and size convert. Beside the convert, Lingoes also help us to study listening and pronounce because in Lingoes, it has some hotkey button to show the voice.
But there is a minus thing from Lingoes application, in text translation, if you want to translate all the text you have to connect to internet. May be it would make Lingoes identify the information that you get more accurately.

The new Fedora, Fedora 12

After released the Eleventh Operation System few months ago, now fedora development team designed the new fedora, Fedora 12. In this case, Fedora 12 has a code name called Constantine.
For this time, Fedora 12 using Kernel Linux 2.6.31 system, and for desktop Fedora 12 using KDE 4.3 and GNOME 2 28. The development done like usual, well to manage and organized the power, supporting the web camera. And also in Fedora 12 has audio video codec that better than before.

In this Fedora 12, GNOME Shell made some experiment to make a better thing for Fedora Project. So, they put some displayed on Fedora 12 to try the next GNOME 3 on fedora. If this success, so the next generation of Fedora will be use the GNOME 3 for the desktop.

Fedora project itself is cooperation between the members of free software from this universe. Fedora project built some new community software which open source or freeware and provide a Linux distribution.

If you interesting to use this system, just go to the http://fedoraproject.org/ and you will get the clear info for Fedora 12.

Teracopy, the helper software

Music or MP3, Movies, Games, Softwares and Documents are the most important things in our computer or laptop/ notebook database. Those all stuff make our life became better. Usually, we save our Music file in one single folder in our Harddisk. It is also same with the others, Movies, Games, Softwares and Documents are safely keep in our Folder. And even to make folder more safety we also using the Passwords that not all people could open our files.
But, we also same like any other consumer who has been using PC Computer or Laptop/ notebook. If our PC Computer or Laptop/ notebook, get a crushed when we want to copy our files to some folder, or to our Flash Drive or maybe to move the files to our new Harddisk, the movement are so slowly.

Teracopy answer your solution for the copy movement. Teracopy help us to move or to copy our files into what folder place that you want, including Music MP3, Movies, Software, Games and all Documents that you have. For terracopy software, size does not became a matter or a problem to do his job to move or copies folder. With teracopy you could move or copies your files into a high speed. The speed of copies and movement is better and even higher than usual from our operating system.
Teracopy have a speed arround 2 MB/S until 20 MB/S. Teracopy software in our copmputer is integrated to the Operating System. In windows it integrated to the windows shell. so we do not have to turn on the software if we want to use the software. Teracopy will full function since our PC Computer or Laptop/ Notebook turn on and it will automatically could be using if we want to move or copies a files.

MiRc, the chatting software

Who does not know about Mirc? A chat software that could be make people for hours to chat with another users around the world with some text. This software became ten best of chat software over the world. Over 9 million people already downloading this software and also became the permanent users. This software got in to internet relay chat software.

This chat software created by a young man in 1995 called Khaled Mardam-Bey. This software also could be installed on every operating system, like Windows, Mac or Linux. The great thing from this software that this software is so easy to used, we do not have to register our personal to the internet. Only put our email and make some unique nickname to operate this software.

Put a server like /server irc.plasa.com and then push enter buttons, you already get into the chatter world. Click the name of the users, and then you could chat with the user. In Mirc we also know about the script which help us to make our chat became easier and more interesting. The script would you get from internet.

The minus thing from Mirc is the software is so different with video chat software like Yahoo Messenger, Camfrog Video Chat and MSN. Because in Mirc only use a text not a video call or may be a voice and is not same like Yahoo Messenger, Camfrog and MSN.

Download the setup here



Camfrog is one of the most popular communication software in the world, this software could operating in every Operation System, such us windows XP, Vista, Seven and also could be use in Linux or Mac.
Camfrog service us to join some room in their services to make people arround the world could be communication each other with face to face using video chat, and even the chatter or the user could be talk each other in Camfrog.

There is two different kinds of Camfrog software. First Camfrog Pro and the second is Camfrog. the differences between them is located in

  • in Camfrog Pro we can see another user in more than 5 user and even could be 20 user on the video
  • in Camfrog Pro we could change the size of the video to see the online user
  • in Camfrog Pro we could add some a words to make our video looked nice
  • in Camfrog Pro we could send a file to another user
  • in Camfrog Pro we could find another people on their location

The plus thing of this camfrog, that we could see the face of the user without any permission with the user that we want to see. Camfrog use the Audio and Video Streaming, and it makes our chat became life.

If you interested and want to download the software just click here

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