Camfrog is one of the most popular communication software in the world, this software could operating in every Operation System, such us windows XP, Vista, Seven and also could be use in Linux or Mac.
Camfrog service us to join some room in their services to make people arround the world could be communication each other with face to face using video chat, and even the chatter or the user could be talk each other in Camfrog.

There is two different kinds of Camfrog software. First Camfrog Pro and the second is Camfrog. the differences between them is located in

  • in Camfrog Pro we can see another user in more than 5 user and even could be 20 user on the video
  • in Camfrog Pro we could change the size of the video to see the online user
  • in Camfrog Pro we could add some a words to make our video looked nice
  • in Camfrog Pro we could send a file to another user
  • in Camfrog Pro we could find another people on their location

The plus thing of this camfrog, that we could see the face of the user without any permission with the user that we want to see. Camfrog use the Audio and Video Streaming, and it makes our chat became life.

If you interested and want to download the software just click here

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