MiRc, the chatting software

Who does not know about Mirc? A chat software that could be make people for hours to chat with another users around the world with some text. This software became ten best of chat software over the world. Over 9 million people already downloading this software and also became the permanent users. This software got in to internet relay chat software.

This chat software created by a young man in 1995 called Khaled Mardam-Bey. This software also could be installed on every operating system, like Windows, Mac or Linux. The great thing from this software that this software is so easy to used, we do not have to register our personal to the internet. Only put our email and make some unique nickname to operate this software.

Put a server like /server irc.plasa.com and then push enter buttons, you already get into the chatter world. Click the name of the users, and then you could chat with the user. In Mirc we also know about the script which help us to make our chat became easier and more interesting. The script would you get from internet.

The minus thing from Mirc is the software is so different with video chat software like Yahoo Messenger, Camfrog Video Chat and MSN. Because in Mirc only use a text not a video call or may be a voice and is not same like Yahoo Messenger, Camfrog and MSN.

Download the setup here

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