The new Fedora, Fedora 12

After released the Eleventh Operation System few months ago, now fedora development team designed the new fedora, Fedora 12. In this case, Fedora 12 has a code name called Constantine.
For this time, Fedora 12 using Kernel Linux 2.6.31 system, and for desktop Fedora 12 using KDE 4.3 and GNOME 2 28. The development done like usual, well to manage and organized the power, supporting the web camera. And also in Fedora 12 has audio video codec that better than before.

In this Fedora 12, GNOME Shell made some experiment to make a better thing for Fedora Project. So, they put some displayed on Fedora 12 to try the next GNOME 3 on fedora. If this success, so the next generation of Fedora will be use the GNOME 3 for the desktop.

Fedora project itself is cooperation between the members of free software from this universe. Fedora project built some new community software which open source or freeware and provide a Linux distribution.

If you interesting to use this system, just go to the and you will get the clear info for Fedora 12.

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