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Something new in 2009 this year, an event that reveals the world of computers and even has sensational 3 companies in the field of computers known. Google launched a new system called Chrome OS at the end of 2009 this year. Of course, this makes the Mac, Microsoft and Linux have to rack my brain to deal with operating system launched by Google this. End of the year presents a very tiring for the Mac, Microsoft and Linux. After the success of some of their products, Google is directly giving a new breakthrough in this OS Chrome.

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They have been successful in their browser of Google Chrome, their services firm that is Google Adsense. Although still in development, Google has a clear party launched the Chrome OS is expected to be an operating system preferred by the consumer computer. In this case, this operating system will look like a browser from Google which is Google Chrome. It looks good and attractive so that the consumers will feel more comfortable in a computer running this operating system.
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Mac, Microsoft and Linux should be prepared in the face of their new competitor. How not, as we know, the Google Company achieve such great success. From search engines, they have been making so much money, the service bureau also produced a big and thorough not Google Chrome is a browser from Google have been competing safari, internet explorer and mozilla firefox. However, as we know, the Google says is still in the developmental stage. Maybe in the next few years the development and research teams will be ready to launch Google Chrome first version of the OS.

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