Teracopy, the helper software

Music or MP3, Movies, Games, Softwares and Documents are the most important things in our computer or laptop/ notebook database. Those all stuff make our life became better. Usually, we save our Music file in one single folder in our Harddisk. It is also same with the others, Movies, Games, Softwares and Documents are safely keep in our Folder. And even to make folder more safety we also using the Passwords that not all people could open our files.
But, we also same like any other consumer who has been using PC Computer or Laptop/ notebook. If our PC Computer or Laptop/ notebook, get a crushed when we want to copy our files to some folder, or to our Flash Drive or maybe to move the files to our new Harddisk, the movement are so slowly.

Teracopy answer your solution for the copy movement. Teracopy help us to move or to copy our files into what folder place that you want, including Music MP3, Movies, Software, Games and all Documents that you have. For terracopy software, size does not became a matter or a problem to do his job to move or copies folder. With teracopy you could move or copies your files into a high speed. The speed of copies and movement is better and even higher than usual from our operating system.
Teracopy have a speed arround 2 MB/S until 20 MB/S. Teracopy software in our copmputer is integrated to the Operating System. In windows it integrated to the windows shell. so we do not have to turn on the software if we want to use the software. Teracopy will full function since our PC Computer or Laptop/ Notebook turn on and it will automatically could be using if we want to move or copies a files.

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