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Public proxy can manipulate the content of the website

All the people who want to avoid spammers and the like must have known that familiar with using a proxy. So many tools that can find an open proxy like tool Steganos Internet Anonym.

Through Proxy that discovery-he promised, users can surf anonymously and safely One thing that many people do not know is creative hackers actually use and use these tools themselves so that they can provide a proxy for the public. Users who do not know the whereabouts of course did not know and use the proxy directly, so users can easily fall into the trap.

In this case, the hackers not only find information on websites you visit but also can manipulate data and set up a website security trap is only through such a proxy. Usually a hacker to make a living through advertising and usually hackers just replaced the banner with his own ads. That is, if you're lucky, which means that hackers do not want to interfere with your data.

However, it was all different when hackers infiltrate the script or ActiveX modules. So that every website you visit will be intercepted by keylogger to record the password. The best protection is to avoid a proxy that is not known. With Steganos we had to use their own servers more secure than the other proxies.

HiBit 5.5


Surely every person has a personal data. And one thing is certain all the people in this world who want all the personal data or confidential. To maintain the confidentiality of the data, performed a variety of ways. Starting from hiding in one particular place, locked with a password and even up to encryption the data because it is confidential. All these functions can be found in a software named this HiBit 5.3.

Operation of this software was so easy, we just need to right click on each file that we think highly classified and then we can run this program. And the time required for concealment, locking and encryption fast enough. The data will not be seen again, though we have activated the option "view hidden files" in Windows Explorer. Encrypted data will be maintained with security because the system uses a special algorithm created to maintain the confidentiality of the data. And this algorithm has been tested well.

So, we do not have to worry if at any time there is someone who wants to access and want to unload all the confidential data we have.

Photo Digital that can reveal the identity of the fotografer


In a digital photo, not just a bullet that can be known who the shooter. Digital photos will also provide a guidance and direction on who the person who took the picture. (picture donwloaded from www.techfresh.net)Just as with the disorder gun point leaving a trail of bullets, digital photos also reveal digicam that is used in a way that becomes a CCD image sensor digicam available.

Because not all pixel identical to the others, and some of them may also be damaged, any digicam can leave a fingerprint pattern and this CCD was developed by a professor at the University of Binghamton, to prove this pattern. Professor Friedrich was named Jessica.

Friedrich initially tried to prove the forgery of digital photos in a case. With this technique, the principals who do blogging company also got into trouble because every image that is displayed online can he compare with other images. Well, from here it can be seen ready for the photographer and what type of camera.

Confidentiality so that a company will be revealed to prevent it, change the existing image with Unsharp-filter so that the algorithm needed to find and identify the image will be lost and confidentiality was assured.

Hackers hidiing in our hard disk

Slackspace is an empty space in our computer file system. Slackspace is a place that is rarely used on computer hard disks / Laptop us. When a file is not using the entire cluster, a few bytes will be left as empty space. Well, of course hackers could reserve a place and there of data to be used later on.

The files stored on it could not run at any time. However, it is a very perfect place, like paradise for professional hackers to store passwords, keylogger and screenshots protocol stolen. With this tool called "Slacker" and a disk-editor, slackspace testing can be done. Seen that when the tests directly, there slackspace large fragments or pieces of files so that we can retrieve your files intact.

Theoretically, we can also keep our own data and save it in slackspace. But storage is not secure because the data can be lost easily. The regular defragmentation is a very effective way to counteract the presence of slackspace in each of our computers and laptops. Because if the data stored in the encryption and we certainly would be difficult to trace. While the defragmentation process all the files there will dilacaknya no exception slackspace.

USB-Flash Disk take over any PC

(picture downloaded from alfahmi.files.wordpress.com)
USB-Flash Disk is one means of transportation from a virus, worm or other spam bots can move from one computer to another. Each computer security experts would know, if the hackers were in front of a PC that means been fully mastered directly from a PC computer, the protection of any kind must have been of no use anymore.

Therefore, the terminal open as we often see in bookstores and supermarkets are always on the block. Keyboard, mouse, and monitor that can only be accessed from outside. But from it all, a hacker was able to break the data. In each of the software, including windows, there are so many button combination that are not documented. Security hole that is always makes the heart beat and blood hackers and moving much faster than previously.

Only by opening the windows "Run" in the windows we have access to the existing security system. Gap is even more dangerous is the buffer overflow bug in the plug & play drivers.

In an exhibition DEFCON hackers in Las Vegas, Hacker connect a homemade USB device to a laptop, and an LED light for a while and was showing bluescreen windows. Although it is a proof-of Concept, but this is the entrance to the Trojans if it can be developed. In this case, it would be better to close the existing ports are not used. And for more help in using software such protection "device Wall" from Centennial Software that can be used to monitor every USB-port.

Danger in the network printer network company

(picture donwloaded from sysntea.com)
network company is one of the entrance to the professional hackers to break into a computer or a laptop. The network also can help a hacker to save himself from the protection system in our system. In this case, hackers are always looking for weak points of each of the existing network.
This obviously makes the administrator can not help but should not only strengthen the protection on the server and firewall, but also on the client-existing PCs. One weakness that we take for granted as a network printer. If we see the logic, is also a network printer is a server that has the meaning of any printer settings that can be manipulated and there can even control. Thus the possibility to enter a very large server computers.

Several years ago a hacker from a particular group has published the information and tools to manipulate the HP printer. 2007 years ago, other hackers "put" a hacker tool into the printer server that the printer can later be manipulated so as to send sensitive information to any data such as account data, salary statements, and passwords when victims want to print the data.

Simple Anticipation for this, is to use a strong password for the console configuration and network printer this printer should also be given a limited access, so not everyone can use it.

Security-suite with security holes

(picture download from gotorack.com)
hackers become more devious, dangerous, and very clever in finding ways to enter and infiltrate our computer system just to see the contents of the file is on your computer and our laptop. Install a firewall, virus-scanners, and anti - spam are some ways to minimize all the crimes committed by a hacker.

However, precisely such a program is also an invitation for an Internet mafia. Why? Because like any other software firewall, and antivirus also has a bug that can later be used while connected to the Internet, that is when we're doing antivirus updates.

Fatal, bugs like that has been done by Black ice-firewall. In this case, hackers found a security hole and use. Only in one hour, all-Black ice firewall around the world infected by the Witty-worm. A worm that destroys all existing data on our PC or Laptop. This makes some antivirus companies struggled to make an innovation to stop these hackers, including the Symantec one.

How good is the protection we have online-update. Online-update means that we do on the security suite should always be active because the hackers have to be quick action to close the gap. Course must take a dexterity of security software manufacturer to crack the safe.

Planetarium 1.44

Surely there must be some software that can be downloaded from the Internet. there are so many of our software that can be downloaded. And one of them is very good for our children in the home of the Planetarium 1:44 this software is one simple software, though impressed by the simple but this software has a tool that is functioning properly, that is to teach children and even adults to know more about stars and planets in this universe when executed, the tool in the Planetarium will feature in the solar system form a circle system.

Well, in the circle we will see a variety of existing constellation. There are about 88 species of all the stored constellations in the planetarium software. With just clicking on one of these constellations, then we'll get an explanation of these constellations.

In addition constellation, we can also see and know the position of planets around the sun. The apparition of light or the moon phase the moon and also all information about our solar system

Things that need to be considered in making an algorithm in programming

1. Text algorithms, in this case the text description of the algorithm is a step-by-step problem-solving. The contents of this description can be written in any notation on condition can be understood easily and

2. Notation is written in a programming algorithm called algorithmic notation, so in this case there is no standard notation in writing the text

3. In algorithmic notation rules, every person has the right to make their own written rules. This is because the difference between the text and text programming algorithm. However, from that all it would be better if the algorithmic notation is made in correspondence with the notation common programming language that is more easily recognized by many people

4. To run a pseudocode in a computer should require translation of algorithmic notation to the notation of the selected programming language

5. Programming algorithm in this case only serves to helps us from out of a problem by changing a problem into the existing pemgrograman language

6. Programming algorithm is the result of conceptual thinking to be implemented by the computer so that the algorithm should be modified or translated into a programming language notation by
a. Declaring the variable
b. Data Type Selection
c. Usage instructions
d. Syntactic rules
e. Display results
f. The way the operation or the compiler

In terms of two computer section

1. BSOD stands for the Blue Screen of Death which is a popular term for a display screen when we turn on the computer with Microsoft Windows operating system encountered a system error when entered. Microsoft more calls this situation stop word errors. This BSOD occurs in 4 fruit-made operating systems namely Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. In this case Windows Vista is more problematic than the previous Windows. BSOD usually occurs because some things like hardware drivers are not perfect and damaged registry or even because of memory errors

2. FTP Server is an abbreviation of the word File Transfer Protocol which is a server that uses the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to perform a file transfer between machines which usually can be seen when the purposes of the transfer in a TCP / IP network. FTP itself is a mobile internet protocol, or walk in a biased application layer to transfer files between computers in an internet or intranet network

3. GUI stands for graphical user interface word which is a generic name for all computer interfaces that use graphics, window or window or replace the pointing device interface with the character of pure

4. Slackware is a better operating system is free (no need to pay) or in a fancy term called open source. Slackware is also one of the oldest linux distributions still being developed. Patrick Volkerding are people who are behind the creation of Slackware itself. Patrick makes this operating system in order to use an operating system more stable, so that a simple distribution that is very similar to Unix (Unix-Like)

Super Administrator Account activation

usually safe mode on the circumstances, our laptop computer or display an account that is a super administrator. However, the default or normal state of Windows (in this case the operating system using Windows Vista) does not show or hide the account administrator's account is super. Here's how to display the super administrator account in Windows with the normal
1. Access the Command Prompt in the following manner:
a. Press the start menu and press the run button. Then type the word "cmd"
b. Press the Start menu, then type the word "cmd" in the search bar that is on the start menu. Then press the [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [ENTER]

2. Then in the Command Prompt window type the command "Net user administrator / active: yes"

3. So we have been able to activate the Administrator Account

4. If you want to disable it, just type the command "Net user administrator / active: no"

Creating Features in Windows Vista Icon

This is an interesting and something we can do in Windows Vista so that we can create the look of Windows Vista look more attractive because of this we can make a icons which will be like Object Dock on Windows Vista we alone. Obviously this will make more efficient the existing icons on our desktop.

1. On our desktop, create a new folder with your name
2. Then choose the icon you want to put on the Dock that will soon be made by moving the icon with the cut-paste command
3. If so, then the slide (drag) the folder you created earlier to the extreme point of the monitor screen up to you to the slide to the far right side, top or bottom.
4. And look at the results now
5. Then right click it and select dock is the menu to auto hide the dock look better 6. Good use dock that you just created

The terms in the Computer Part One

1. QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) is the interconnection between the processor which was developed by a technology company called Intel. Began to use the platform for the Nehalem processor to replace the use of front-side bus (FSB). Formerly known as the Common System Interface (CSI). Connecting the processors with QPI chipset and a variety of other IO hub on the motherboard on a computer or your laptop. QPI can achieve maximum bandwidth up to 32 GB/s for each link QPI

2. DirectX is the API (Application Programming Interface) which is used by Microsoft's corporate operating system to communicate with Windows in hardware-hardware PC / Laptop is controlled. For its own hardware, needed a driver that supports DirectX so they can be used optimally

3.HDTV High stands for Digital Television which is an International Standard digital television broadcast in 16:9 format (if the regular TV 4:3 only) and surround-sound Dolby Digital 5.1. TV which has a much higher resolution than the old standard. The audience can see the picture clearly contoured, and with mature colors. HDTV has a number of pixels up to 5 times the standard PAL analogue that is widely used in Indonesia

4.SWF stands for Small Web Format are many we see in the Flash format. This format is widely used to display 2D animation, video, sound, image and database applications as well as interaction with a programming language ActionScript

5. UAC stands for User Account Control feature that is a security technology developed by Microsoft in their operating system, Windows. This system has been embedded in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2000. UAC is made to prevent illegal systemic changes in various configurations in the computer-based operating system Windows Vista. In other words, UAC can be regarded as the heart of the defense system on the Windows Vista operating system intended to protect the configurations on Vista systems.

taken from the magazine PC Media edition 24/2009

Maintain, Accelerate Hard Drive Performance in Windows Vista

1. Access Device Manager by typing in the device manager search bar in start menu 

2. Press Enter and then press the Continue button
3. If the device manager window appears, do the double click on disk drives and the menu you will see the brand of the hard disk
4. If it appears, double-click the hard drives so that the device properties window appear

5. Click the policies tab and check the tab Enable Write Caching on the Disk and Enable Advanced Performance

6. Then click OK

Maintaining Operating Systems

There are several things you can do in safeguarding the security of our computer or laptop, one of them is to keep the operating system through a Restore Point. Here's how to create a restore point on windows vista
1. Restore the system access by clicking Start menu and type 'system restore' on the search bar and press Enter and click Continue
2. Then you will be brought to System Restore
3. To Create a new restore point then click the link to open the system protection
4. In Box Automatic Restore Points check all that hard disk drives will be protective as a whole. Then click Apply
5. Then click the Create button
6. This will bring up a pop-up Create a Restore Point. Type the name of your restore points recently, perhaps with the word Computer-1
7. If so, click the Create button and wait a while because the windows are working on your Restore Point
8. Then the confirmation window will appear if the Restore Point created a successful
9. Then click OK and click OK again to close the System Properties window
10. Now we have a Restore Point at any time if the Operating System we are experiencing interference, then the Restore Point you can restore it as before

Tune Up Utilities


Tune Up Utilities is a software that can help us in the lead by tweaking an existing operating system on laptop and on our computers (picture downloaded from http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/2723/tuneuputilities2009u.jpg). Tune Up Utilities can also help us accelerate the performance in terms of laptop or computer in every way. As the speed of accessing the Internet through browsers available. Speed up the system, then repair the components that are unstable or are not good. And even Tune Up Utilities can also defragmenting existing system tools and laptop computers in our Tune Up Utilities In some kinds of features provided, namely: 

1. Increase Performance, which consists of TuneUp Drive Defrag, TuneUp StartUp Manager, TuneUp System Optimizer TuneUp Registry Defrag and
2. Free Up Disk Space, which consists of Clean Up Files and TuneUp Disk Space Explorer
3. Maintain Windows, which consists of Windows Automatic and Manual Maintenance
4. Solve Problems, which consists of TuneUp Disk Doctor, TuneUp Repair Wizard, TuneUp Undelete
5. Customize Windows, which consists of Control System TuneUp and TuneUp Styler
6. Additional Tools, which consists of TuneUp Process Manager, TuneUp Registry Editor TuneUp Shredder, TuneUp System Information, TuneUp Uninstall Manager

Opera Version 10.10



New news for lovers Opera browser. 10.10 Opera version has been present and can be downloaded now. This latest version of Opera presents things interesting as given in the earlier opera. 

picture download from http://opera.com

At 10.10 Opera display the previous web site with a very attractive display. icons that have made Opera 10:10 operas appear different from previous versions.

There are some things that make look more elegant than previous versions
1. Opera Unite, in this opera, using several applications to deliver content quickly and very easily

2. Turbo opera, opera provides services by providing internet access with a strong pace in doing so would be very easy browsing

3. Visual Tabs, Tabs are very interesting, as is using Flash Player

4. Customize Speed Dial, Opera provides a service speed of setting your browser to surf the internet

5. Opera Link, of course, can store and use the data useful

PC Wizard

PC Wizard PC Wizard is a software that can provide characteristics that are in the laptop or computer. PC Wizard helps us to recognize these components. All this can be detected by the PC Wizard, hardware and drivers can be recognized by PC Wizard. Obviously this can help us when we lost the CD driver that we have. With PC Wizard, we can download the drivers we need over the Internet. How it works PC Wizard is very easy, simply by pressing and double-click the Wizard icon on the laptop PC or on our computers, then the PC Wizard automatically analyzes the data directly to a hardware and drivers on a laptop or computer. After a few minutes to do the analysis, the PC Wizard will display all the results of analysis to us.

How to add a different clocks on our laptop/ computer

Different clock display laptop is a mini computer that can be brought wherever we go. Of course, this is very easy for the user's laptop to prepare all of their work anywhere. Especially for those of you who frequently travel all around the world in terms of employment and you have to cross 2 or more time zones all over the world. Maybe the problem is a very important issue here is when you have to adjust your clock to local time zones or meetings that you can finish the job on time. On your laptop, you can set additional hour 

• Right click on the clock contained in the system tray, then click the menu Adjust Date / Time

• Then click the Additional Clocks tab and check the Show Clock this. Then choose time zone you need, if you just want an extra hour so you only mark one choice only, if you want two just mark all options
• Then in the Enter display name, name of hours you want
• Then click OK

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