Danger in the network printer network company

(picture donwloaded from sysntea.com)
network company is one of the entrance to the professional hackers to break into a computer or a laptop. The network also can help a hacker to save himself from the protection system in our system. In this case, hackers are always looking for weak points of each of the existing network.
This obviously makes the administrator can not help but should not only strengthen the protection on the server and firewall, but also on the client-existing PCs. One weakness that we take for granted as a network printer. If we see the logic, is also a network printer is a server that has the meaning of any printer settings that can be manipulated and there can even control. Thus the possibility to enter a very large server computers.

Several years ago a hacker from a particular group has published the information and tools to manipulate the HP printer. 2007 years ago, other hackers "put" a hacker tool into the printer server that the printer can later be manipulated so as to send sensitive information to any data such as account data, salary statements, and passwords when victims want to print the data.

Simple Anticipation for this, is to use a strong password for the console configuration and network printer this printer should also be given a limited access, so not everyone can use it.

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