Hackers hidiing in our hard disk

Slackspace is an empty space in our computer file system. Slackspace is a place that is rarely used on computer hard disks / Laptop us. When a file is not using the entire cluster, a few bytes will be left as empty space. Well, of course hackers could reserve a place and there of data to be used later on.

The files stored on it could not run at any time. However, it is a very perfect place, like paradise for professional hackers to store passwords, keylogger and screenshots protocol stolen. With this tool called "Slacker" and a disk-editor, slackspace testing can be done. Seen that when the tests directly, there slackspace large fragments or pieces of files so that we can retrieve your files intact.

Theoretically, we can also keep our own data and save it in slackspace. But storage is not secure because the data can be lost easily. The regular defragmentation is a very effective way to counteract the presence of slackspace in each of our computers and laptops. Because if the data stored in the encryption and we certainly would be difficult to trace. While the defragmentation process all the files there will dilacaknya no exception slackspace.

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