HiBit 5.5


Surely every person has a personal data. And one thing is certain all the people in this world who want all the personal data or confidential. To maintain the confidentiality of the data, performed a variety of ways. Starting from hiding in one particular place, locked with a password and even up to encryption the data because it is confidential. All these functions can be found in a software named this HiBit 5.3.

Operation of this software was so easy, we just need to right click on each file that we think highly classified and then we can run this program. And the time required for concealment, locking and encryption fast enough. The data will not be seen again, though we have activated the option "view hidden files" in Windows Explorer. Encrypted data will be maintained with security because the system uses a special algorithm created to maintain the confidentiality of the data. And this algorithm has been tested well.

So, we do not have to worry if at any time there is someone who wants to access and want to unload all the confidential data we have.

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