How to add a different clocks on our laptop/ computer

Different clock display laptop is a mini computer that can be brought wherever we go. Of course, this is very easy for the user's laptop to prepare all of their work anywhere. Especially for those of you who frequently travel all around the world in terms of employment and you have to cross 2 or more time zones all over the world. Maybe the problem is a very important issue here is when you have to adjust your clock to local time zones or meetings that you can finish the job on time. On your laptop, you can set additional hour 

• Right click on the clock contained in the system tray, then click the menu Adjust Date / Time

• Then click the Additional Clocks tab and check the Show Clock this. Then choose time zone you need, if you just want an extra hour so you only mark one choice only, if you want two just mark all options
• Then in the Enter display name, name of hours you want
• Then click OK

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