In terms of two computer section

1. BSOD stands for the Blue Screen of Death which is a popular term for a display screen when we turn on the computer with Microsoft Windows operating system encountered a system error when entered. Microsoft more calls this situation stop word errors. This BSOD occurs in 4 fruit-made operating systems namely Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. In this case Windows Vista is more problematic than the previous Windows. BSOD usually occurs because some things like hardware drivers are not perfect and damaged registry or even because of memory errors

2. FTP Server is an abbreviation of the word File Transfer Protocol which is a server that uses the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to perform a file transfer between machines which usually can be seen when the purposes of the transfer in a TCP / IP network. FTP itself is a mobile internet protocol, or walk in a biased application layer to transfer files between computers in an internet or intranet network

3. GUI stands for graphical user interface word which is a generic name for all computer interfaces that use graphics, window or window or replace the pointing device interface with the character of pure

4. Slackware is a better operating system is free (no need to pay) or in a fancy term called open source. Slackware is also one of the oldest linux distributions still being developed. Patrick Volkerding are people who are behind the creation of Slackware itself. Patrick makes this operating system in order to use an operating system more stable, so that a simple distribution that is very similar to Unix (Unix-Like)

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