Maintaining Operating Systems

There are several things you can do in safeguarding the security of our computer or laptop, one of them is to keep the operating system through a Restore Point. Here's how to create a restore point on windows vista
1. Restore the system access by clicking Start menu and type 'system restore' on the search bar and press Enter and click Continue
2. Then you will be brought to System Restore
3. To Create a new restore point then click the link to open the system protection
4. In Box Automatic Restore Points check all that hard disk drives will be protective as a whole. Then click Apply
5. Then click the Create button
6. This will bring up a pop-up Create a Restore Point. Type the name of your restore points recently, perhaps with the word Computer-1
7. If so, click the Create button and wait a while because the windows are working on your Restore Point
8. Then the confirmation window will appear if the Restore Point created a successful
9. Then click OK and click OK again to close the System Properties window
10. Now we have a Restore Point at any time if the Operating System we are experiencing interference, then the Restore Point you can restore it as before

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