Photo Digital that can reveal the identity of the fotografer


In a digital photo, not just a bullet that can be known who the shooter. Digital photos will also provide a guidance and direction on who the person who took the picture. (picture donwloaded from as with the disorder gun point leaving a trail of bullets, digital photos also reveal digicam that is used in a way that becomes a CCD image sensor digicam available.

Because not all pixel identical to the others, and some of them may also be damaged, any digicam can leave a fingerprint pattern and this CCD was developed by a professor at the University of Binghamton, to prove this pattern. Professor Friedrich was named Jessica.

Friedrich initially tried to prove the forgery of digital photos in a case. With this technique, the principals who do blogging company also got into trouble because every image that is displayed online can he compare with other images. Well, from here it can be seen ready for the photographer and what type of camera.

Confidentiality so that a company will be revealed to prevent it, change the existing image with Unsharp-filter so that the algorithm needed to find and identify the image will be lost and confidentiality was assured.

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