Planetarium 1.44

Surely there must be some software that can be downloaded from the Internet. there are so many of our software that can be downloaded. And one of them is very good for our children in the home of the Planetarium 1:44 this software is one simple software, though impressed by the simple but this software has a tool that is functioning properly, that is to teach children and even adults to know more about stars and planets in this universe when executed, the tool in the Planetarium will feature in the solar system form a circle system.

Well, in the circle we will see a variety of existing constellation. There are about 88 species of all the stored constellations in the planetarium software. With just clicking on one of these constellations, then we'll get an explanation of these constellations.

In addition constellation, we can also see and know the position of planets around the sun. The apparition of light or the moon phase the moon and also all information about our solar system

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