Public proxy can manipulate the content of the website

All the people who want to avoid spammers and the like must have known that familiar with using a proxy. So many tools that can find an open proxy like tool Steganos Internet Anonym.

Through Proxy that discovery-he promised, users can surf anonymously and safely One thing that many people do not know is creative hackers actually use and use these tools themselves so that they can provide a proxy for the public. Users who do not know the whereabouts of course did not know and use the proxy directly, so users can easily fall into the trap.

In this case, the hackers not only find information on websites you visit but also can manipulate data and set up a website security trap is only through such a proxy. Usually a hacker to make a living through advertising and usually hackers just replaced the banner with his own ads. That is, if you're lucky, which means that hackers do not want to interfere with your data.

However, it was all different when hackers infiltrate the script or ActiveX modules. So that every website you visit will be intercepted by keylogger to record the password. The best protection is to avoid a proxy that is not known. With Steganos we had to use their own servers more secure than the other proxies.

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