Security-suite with security holes

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hackers become more devious, dangerous, and very clever in finding ways to enter and infiltrate our computer system just to see the contents of the file is on your computer and our laptop. Install a firewall, virus-scanners, and anti - spam are some ways to minimize all the crimes committed by a hacker.

However, precisely such a program is also an invitation for an Internet mafia. Why? Because like any other software firewall, and antivirus also has a bug that can later be used while connected to the Internet, that is when we're doing antivirus updates.

Fatal, bugs like that has been done by Black ice-firewall. In this case, hackers found a security hole and use. Only in one hour, all-Black ice firewall around the world infected by the Witty-worm. A worm that destroys all existing data on our PC or Laptop. This makes some antivirus companies struggled to make an innovation to stop these hackers, including the Symantec one.

How good is the protection we have online-update. Online-update means that we do on the security suite should always be active because the hackers have to be quick action to close the gap. Course must take a dexterity of security software manufacturer to crack the safe.

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