Super Administrator Account activation

usually safe mode on the circumstances, our laptop computer or display an account that is a super administrator. However, the default or normal state of Windows (in this case the operating system using Windows Vista) does not show or hide the account administrator's account is super. Here's how to display the super administrator account in Windows with the normal
1. Access the Command Prompt in the following manner:
a. Press the start menu and press the run button. Then type the word "cmd"
b. Press the Start menu, then type the word "cmd" in the search bar that is on the start menu. Then press the [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [ENTER]

2. Then in the Command Prompt window type the command "Net user administrator / active: yes"

3. So we have been able to activate the Administrator Account

4. If you want to disable it, just type the command "Net user administrator / active: no"

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