The terms in the Computer Part One

1. QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) is the interconnection between the processor which was developed by a technology company called Intel. Began to use the platform for the Nehalem processor to replace the use of front-side bus (FSB). Formerly known as the Common System Interface (CSI). Connecting the processors with QPI chipset and a variety of other IO hub on the motherboard on a computer or your laptop. QPI can achieve maximum bandwidth up to 32 GB/s for each link QPI

2. DirectX is the API (Application Programming Interface) which is used by Microsoft's corporate operating system to communicate with Windows in hardware-hardware PC / Laptop is controlled. For its own hardware, needed a driver that supports DirectX so they can be used optimally

3.HDTV High stands for Digital Television which is an International Standard digital television broadcast in 16:9 format (if the regular TV 4:3 only) and surround-sound Dolby Digital 5.1. TV which has a much higher resolution than the old standard. The audience can see the picture clearly contoured, and with mature colors. HDTV has a number of pixels up to 5 times the standard PAL analogue that is widely used in Indonesia

4.SWF stands for Small Web Format are many we see in the Flash format. This format is widely used to display 2D animation, video, sound, image and database applications as well as interaction with a programming language ActionScript

5. UAC stands for User Account Control feature that is a security technology developed by Microsoft in their operating system, Windows. This system has been embedded in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2000. UAC is made to prevent illegal systemic changes in various configurations in the computer-based operating system Windows Vista. In other words, UAC can be regarded as the heart of the defense system on the Windows Vista operating system intended to protect the configurations on Vista systems.

taken from the magazine PC Media edition 24/2009

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