Things that need to be considered in making an algorithm in programming

1. Text algorithms, in this case the text description of the algorithm is a step-by-step problem-solving. The contents of this description can be written in any notation on condition can be understood easily and

2. Notation is written in a programming algorithm called algorithmic notation, so in this case there is no standard notation in writing the text

3. In algorithmic notation rules, every person has the right to make their own written rules. This is because the difference between the text and text programming algorithm. However, from that all it would be better if the algorithmic notation is made in correspondence with the notation common programming language that is more easily recognized by many people

4. To run a pseudocode in a computer should require translation of algorithmic notation to the notation of the selected programming language

5. Programming algorithm in this case only serves to helps us from out of a problem by changing a problem into the existing pemgrograman language

6. Programming algorithm is the result of conceptual thinking to be implemented by the computer so that the algorithm should be modified or translated into a programming language notation by
a. Declaring the variable
b. Data Type Selection
c. Usage instructions
d. Syntactic rules
e. Display results
f. The way the operation or the compiler

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