USB-Flash Disk take over any PC

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USB-Flash Disk is one means of transportation from a virus, worm or other spam bots can move from one computer to another. Each computer security experts would know, if the hackers were in front of a PC that means been fully mastered directly from a PC computer, the protection of any kind must have been of no use anymore.

Therefore, the terminal open as we often see in bookstores and supermarkets are always on the block. Keyboard, mouse, and monitor that can only be accessed from outside. But from it all, a hacker was able to break the data. In each of the software, including windows, there are so many button combination that are not documented. Security hole that is always makes the heart beat and blood hackers and moving much faster than previously.

Only by opening the windows "Run" in the windows we have access to the existing security system. Gap is even more dangerous is the buffer overflow bug in the plug & play drivers.

In an exhibition DEFCON hackers in Las Vegas, Hacker connect a homemade USB device to a laptop, and an LED light for a while and was showing bluescreen windows. Although it is a proof-of Concept, but this is the entrance to the Trojans if it can be developed. In this case, it would be better to close the existing ports are not used. And for more help in using software such protection "device Wall" from Centennial Software that can be used to monitor every USB-port.

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