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Types of Computers

Personal Computer (PC)

(picture downloaded from http://www.techpin.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/firebird-with-voodoo-dna-hp-pc-desktop.jpg)

Personal Computer is a small computer and a variety of forms from every Personal Computer. Personal Computer (PC) of the greatest still be put on the table. This type of computer has only 1 piece of microprocessors and has an additional microprocessor used in the main processor. PC is widely used as a tool in an institution, such as educational institutions, offices, homes and private companies and domestic. Example of a PC:
1. Notebook PCs and PC netbook
2. PC Desktop

Supercomputer / Mainframe

(picture downloaded from http://blackcat.ca/lifeline_data/images/BIOINFORM001,Cluster-06-Supercomputer_Online-20020523-GALLERY.jpg)

Supercomputer is a computer that has multiple processors and has a very large size. This type of computer requires large storage space because the size of this computer giant. From the size, of course this computer has multiple processors so that the workings of a fast and certainly the price of this computer is very large.

Dedicated Computer

(picture downloaded from http://www.einfo.co.nz/shop/images/h852.jpg)

Dedicated Computer is a computer that was created for specific purposes such as for the game to mankind. Type of computer is composed of several mini-microprocessor so that the size of the computer Dedicated Computer type is not greater than the Personal Computer (PC). Examples of Dedicated Computer is a Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Microsoft Xbox and Game Cube.

Embedded Computer

(picture downloaded from http://www.welectronics.com/dvd/sony/sony-ns-57.jpg)

Embedded Computer is a computer made for some purpose. This kind of computer system has a single microprocessor. This kind of computer system functions as a controller unit placed on a device. One type of these devices include DVD PLAYER.

WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network)

(picture downloaded from http://visual.merriam-webster.com/images/communications)
WAN stands for Wide Area Network which is a term in the field of network computer technology. WAN is a computer network that already covers a very wide area and even has become a global network throughout the world. For example, the WAN will happen when a computer is connected to another computer in a region or a computer that is connected to each other in a company which has several branches all over the world. WAN itself is often used for public communication channels such as we know that WANs are global, so the most important goal in making the WAN is for communication between communities.

(picture downloaded from http://www.networkelements.co.uk)

LAN or Local Area Network is a small part of the WAN, the most fundamental differences between the LAN and WAN is in a network coverage area. Examples of LAN is a network in the office, campus and school. Often we know that there are computers in the office or at school / college are connected but not connected with the outside world as to the office or to another school. However, when viewed in a functional LAN and WAN have other differences between

1. Having LAN high data rapidly for a local LAN that can be practically little

2. LAN only requires a small fee, no need to hire a telecommunications service to connect with the outside world.

3. LAN terminal spacing is not too far

4. LAN only is privacy or property of one organization and one person

5. Data transfer speed is independent of the telecommunications network

6. Using a wire transmission medium for communicating

Java SE Runtime Environment 6u18


As the one of the most popular language programming in the world, Java has provided so much input in all areas of technology, especially in the field of mobile phones and computers. Java SE Runtime Environment is a software patch that provides a comfort to the Operating System as we now know was a lot of Operating System using the Java programming system. Convenience, security, flexibility and capability is a very important thing when running Operating System.

Java, in this case made a new breakthrough, a Java technology application provides an interactive web application that is often called a Java Applet. No wonder, if Java is a programming language one of the most popular and most demanding programmer. Imagine the application of Java web application has to reach so as not closed the possibility in the future will be a lot of web form web-based Java.

Java Applet itself is a small program written using the Java programming language itself, which can be accessed via a web page. Applet Java application itself can be downloaded into the operating system which then can we run in the browser. This is certainly no different with flash applications that we see and use the browser. Workings of factors, Java Applets and Flash are not much different, the application requires a Java applet supporting applications that can support the client side, known as Java SE Runtime Environment.

Improve performance and support additional configurations should be supported by a particular application. This is the working principle of the Java SE Runtime Environment. Some performance improvements achieved in the application Java SE Runtime Environment includes the formation of jar files, Java HotSpot VM 16.0, startup applications, user interface and the ability to read. Zip file that large. This is also a support system that can support the configuration of Operating Systems like Windows 7, SLES 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition.

The top 5 of the most popular programming languages in the world

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In the digital era, as now, many people compete to learn all kinds of knowledge in the field of application of science and technology. Computers are one of the application of such science. Many people also think that learning about computers is very difficult, not easy to like the thought. Graphic Design and learn programming languages are the two most popular among the public at this time. Especially with the slogan "anyone who can master science and technology, he is the people who are able to survive in the future".

For many people, learning programming languages and the ability to analyze and make an application programming language is very difficult to follow. Need some specific skills to succeed in this field. And we know that so many existing programming languages in cyberspace / the internet. As we know that the goal is made of a programming language is to facilitate us in making a useful application for people around us like a software or other applications.

At the present time has developed so many programming languages. Less is more nearly 1000 kinds of programming languages that have been developed by all human beings in this universe. However, from there it all 5 programming languages the most popular at the present moment, the following 5 names such programming languages are

1. Java

(picture downloaded from http://www.cbit-ccti.com)

2. C language

(picture downloaded from http://images.pearsoned-ema.com/jpeg/large)

3. PHP

(picture downloaded from http://rohm4n.files.wordpress.com)

4. C & C++ Languages

(picture downloaded from http://images.devshed.com)

5. Visual Basic

(picture downloaded from http://forum.cheatengine.org)

Hackers can break the fast WLAN encryption

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WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network that means is a network that is in an area. This network is local area networks that are wireless or non-wire using radio waves (which is an Electromagnetic wave) as the transmission medium. Characteristic of which is, can we know that the wireless local area network is an electromagnetic wave. Wireless local networks, aims to provide a network connection to all users in a wireless broadcast to all users in that area. In a WLAN, we often recognize that the term LAN Encryption is a process of securing a piece of information by making such information can not be read without specialized knowledge assistance.

WLAN encryption while the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) can be solved by a beginner with a special tool in a few seconds through this WLAN. Previously we learned that, any existing network could be taken over by anyone except the network have the security of a network that can block access from anywhere. Therefore, now each new device is always equipped with "WPA" or "WPA2" which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access.

However, encryption is more secure he said, also can be solved by a professional hacker with only a matter of minutes and even in seconds. In this case the main cause is the user who uses the network. WPA allows the use of words as a password. Many users who chose the words of a general nature so that the opportunity to gain valuable passwords such as "Superman" or the words that is identical to the user such as a boyfriend, parents names, and some even make their own name. With brute-force attacks, hackers can break and professionals into a system that is protected with a password like that. It can also penetrate the WEP key as quickly as possible.

Stages in the programming

(picture downloaded from stevemooradian.com)
In doing a programming there are several factors that need attention. The steps undertaken to solve problems in computer programming is as follows

1. Defines problem
Defines the problem is a mandatory first thing that we follow in making a program. This is done so that we can analyze the problem we are facing so that we can make the solution in the form of the program.

2. Making Algorithm and Structure How to Settlement
If the problem is complex, it will be divided into several modules. Algorithm preparation often starts from a global step. After that, the global step is refined to be more detailed steps or details.

3. Writing Program
When the algorithm is completed, and translated into computer language and will be a program. Noteworthy is the wrong selection algorithm will cause a program that has a working system is not good.

4. Finding Errors
In this stage, we will examine algorithms that have been translated into computer language earlier. The most common errors encountered a syntax error (writing program) and implementation error (semantics and logic).

5. Testing and Verification Program
If mistakes that we may have been repaired, then we should run and test whether the program we have made to walk with a maximum. When not running up there must be something wrong in our own programs.

6. Program Documentation
In the program documentation, there are two things that distinguish the Internal and External Documentation. Internal documentation is the documentation created in the program when we write the program lines. Meanwhile, External Documentation is documentation that done outside the program as a User Guide.

7. Maintenance the Program
Maintenance Program is the final stage which aims to improve the existing deficiencies and modify the program if desired.



Personal Computer is a small computer and a variety of forms and the Personal Computer has only 1 microprocessor. Every PC has a Net ID and IP address. This is often done by hackers and network software that can track the IP address.Net ID is an address that was assigned to the physical network. Net ID has to be provisions for each class that is used and you can not replace it with another number. If in a network group using the same IP class then, the Net ID is used must also be equal.

In the Net ID of course we also know about the Host ID or commonly known as Nods ID. In contrast to the Net ID, the Host ID or ID Nods we can change the number required. Nods Host ID or IP ID is a number that can represent any individual or any PC into a workstation. In this case, the Internet is divided into 3 types namely, e-commerce-related entrepreneurs, e-Government is the internet related to governance, and e-learning is Internet-related education.

Net ID and Host ID are also talking about the TLDs and SLDs. Top Level Domains are domains that most major Internet network. Meanwhile, the SLDs are Sub Level Domains which are domains that are under TLDs.

Examples of TLDs (Top Level Domains)
1. . com
2. . net
3. . org

Examples of SLDs (Sub Level Domains)
1. . co.id for commercial
2. . net.jp for Network
3. .ac.id to college
4. . sch.id to School
5. . or.id for the organization

Version of Windows Vista

( picture donwloaded from intelliadmin.com )
Although in the year 2009, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems has released their named Windows 7, Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista is still loved and desired by the people in Indonesia. Operating System which was launched on 8 November 2006 ago, dedicated to all circles. Entrepreneur, IT enthusiasts, students and even for home users. Actually, Microsoft Windows Vista provides attractive features, it's just this operating system known as unstable and even too heavy to be used as an Operating System. Only computer and laptop with certain specifications that can run Windows Vista Operating System properly and smoothly.

Today, so many types of Microsoft Windows Vista. Why? As we know in advance that Microsoft released the Microsoft Windows Vista with several different types, it all depends on the function of the use of Microsoft Windows Vista. So far there are only 4 types of Windows Vista operating system as we know it. Here's a brief explanation of the three different types of Windows Vista

1. Windows Vista Home Basic

In Windows Vista Home Basic will have the Aero interface features, Media Center, Bitlocker encryption. However, backing up the system functions not found in the Home Basic version.

2. Windows Vista Home Premium

Vista Home Premium version is slightly superior to the Home Basic version because the version of Home Premium has been there a program to burn DVDs and besides the Home Premium version has the same features as the features of Home Basic Aero interface.

3. Windows Vista Business

In accordance with a version of Windows Vista, this version is intended for entrepreneurs who want to do their jobs well. Excellence in Business version of Windows Vista this is that there is a system where each user could log in to a domain company. In addition, Vista Business version has been equipped with the language replacement system.

4. Windows Vista Ultimate

Of all versions of Windows Vista that is, the Windows Vista version of Vista Ultimate is the most expensive version. This is because the Vista Ultimate version has better features than other versions, such as the Aero graphical user interface is more sophisticated, so users feel relaxed in running this system.

Linux Sabily

(picture downloaded from http://lauthfi.wordpress.com/2009/06/)

In the year 2010, the motto of open source or freeware software in Indonesia is "IGOS" seems to be much brighter. "IGOS" which stands for Indonesia Go Open Source is a policy that was implemented in all parts of Indonesia where there is any software that we can have a full version without spending so much money. In the Operating System, Linux is a single player type of Operating System which are open source or freeware. Red hat, Fedora, Ubuntu is some kind of Linux Operating System is. Overview of the history of Linux Operation System, Linux itself is designed and programmed by Linux Torvalds. Linux name itself derived from the name of the Linux kernel itself, namely the Linux Kernel. Operating System was developed by Linux Torvalds and introduced in 1991, with the system, equipment and systems-based libraries The GNU Operating System which was introduced in 1983.

This has now developed various types of Linux, why? Because the Linux itself provides the freedom for all people to modify the previous Linux programs that so many new species emerged such as Red Hat, Fedora and Ubuntu. This is also the cause or Freeware Open source term. Sabily Linux is one of Linux Operating System that has developed in Indonesia. Actually this type of Operating System is the development of Ubuntu 9.04 was released on 20 April 2009. However, in the year 2010 this is starting Sabily Linux demand by Linux enthusiasts and IT customers across Indonesia. This is Sabily Linux Operating System which is modified by adding the nuances in each an Islamic program.

(picture downloaded from lab.andrey.web.id)

One thing new is that so many Islamic programs on Linux Operating System this Sabily. Islaminya features include

1. Display Sabily and wallpaper with Islamic nuanced, Sabily also supported by various features such as Arabic text and language

2. Pulpit/ Mimbar application, the software alerts when Prayer

3. Zekr application, the software that contains about Al-Qur `an and the translation

4. Firefox-Praytimes, ie a browser that is added in the form of a reminder tool Sholat or Pray time

5. Webstrict application, the application filter-sites system, which could filtering sites that are not as good like porn sites and gambling sites

6. Thwab application, is the Encyclopedia systems that already exist on Linux Sabily

7. Hijra which is an Islamic calendar

8. Mus-haf Othman, ie a browser application of Al-Qur `an

10 danger that we need to know in the computer


Professional hackers know exactly how the content and characteristics of a computer PC or a laptop. Professional hackers that know how to make a slit on a system although the system has been in the protection with so many security-suite available. Here are some dangers we need to avoid
1. Security-suite with security holes.
2. Danger in the corporate network printer
3. USB Flash disk to take over any PC
4. Hackers hiding on the hard disk
5. Digital photographs reveal the identity of the image makers
6. Public Proxy manipulate the contents of a website
7. Solving the WLAN encryption quickly
8. MMS dangerous infect smartphones
9. Anonymous Internet surfers removed
10. Domain-crippling Internet Server

Computer terms in the fourth section

Command Line

Main prompt on a computer system is a command line (which ended the signs such as $,%, or>). More broadly, every time a user can type commands to the computer, whether at the operating system prompt or in the program, this is what is meant by the term "command line". You can type the command in MS-DOS prompt, command prompt, or in the Run dialog box in Windows Explorer.

Domain Name

Domain name is an addressing system on the Internet. The original address on the Internet, or often called the IP Address are the numbers very difficult to rememberred. Domain makes addressing these web addresses easier to remember, to translate the IP address had become a name such as www.facebook.com. Domain consists of a hierarchical structure, where the highest level in the Domain Name itself is called the TLD. Currently, the existing TLD and registered throughout the world there are about 200 and counting, and three of the most popular fruit is. Com,. Net and. Org.


SWF stands for Small Web Format, which is a format widely used for 2-dimensional display 2D animation, video, sound, image and database applications and their interaction with the programming language called with ActionScript.

Hard drive Partition
Or hard drive partitions are often known by other terms of disk partitioning is to divide the disk into several sections called partitions with the term. The benefits of partitioning your hard disk including separate files and operating system data or documents that are safer and easier settings.

Firefox Mobile


Opera Mini which we often downloaded on the internet via mobile phones seem to be replaced with the new browser that has been developed by a team of Firefox. Firefox in this case has made the first version of the browser for mobile phones. Web browser will be available for the Nokia N900. Browser which has a code name Fernec will be followed by other mobile phone products in the world. And his plan, a special web browser mobile phones will be launched before the end of this year. On that have excelled in the computer browser has been sweeping the world of mobile phones currently in great demand by the public.

Moreover, this browser can be synchronized with desktop version, of course, with this feature the user's mobile phone browser will feel relaxed with it. They do not need to take or seek Modem connection to the Internet for Free. Synchronized in this case means any web page that opens on your desktop browser, will also be automatically opened in a mobile version.

However, there Fernec only in versions of Windows Mobile and Google Android, but not in the Apple version. And it seems to Apple, Firefox will not be made in a version of Apple because Apple does not want to use a browser other than Apple's browser itself.

The term in the computer section III

. NET Micro Framework A software framework that can be installed on the computer already running Microsoft Windows Operating system. In. NET Micro Framework, contained so many code libraries which can later be used for handling general programming, and a virtual machine can also handle the execution of programs that can be written specifically for this framework

Also called IP Address IP address is a row of binary digits between 32-bit to 128-bit which is often used as an identification address for each computer that is in the world. IP addresses are useful to all host computers in a network including the Internet can be better identified. The length of this figure is for 32-bit version of IP version 4 and 128-bit encryption for IP version 6. This is the IP address of the computer shows it on an internet-based network TCP / IP

Multiplayer Online In a co-op gamelay, if the co-op gameplay is a system where some players play together as a team, then the mode used to be multiplayer mode, some players will play competitively. The meaning of the multiplayer itself is a system that can be played in one or more people in one game.

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