Computer terms in the fourth section

Command Line

Main prompt on a computer system is a command line (which ended the signs such as $,%, or>). More broadly, every time a user can type commands to the computer, whether at the operating system prompt or in the program, this is what is meant by the term "command line". You can type the command in MS-DOS prompt, command prompt, or in the Run dialog box in Windows Explorer.

Domain Name

Domain name is an addressing system on the Internet. The original address on the Internet, or often called the IP Address are the numbers very difficult to rememberred. Domain makes addressing these web addresses easier to remember, to translate the IP address had become a name such as Domain consists of a hierarchical structure, where the highest level in the Domain Name itself is called the TLD. Currently, the existing TLD and registered throughout the world there are about 200 and counting, and three of the most popular fruit is. Com,. Net and. Org.


SWF stands for Small Web Format, which is a format widely used for 2-dimensional display 2D animation, video, sound, image and database applications and their interaction with the programming language called with ActionScript.

Hard drive Partition
Or hard drive partitions are often known by other terms of disk partitioning is to divide the disk into several sections called partitions with the term. The benefits of partitioning your hard disk including separate files and operating system data or documents that are safer and easier settings.

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