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Opera Mini which we often downloaded on the internet via mobile phones seem to be replaced with the new browser that has been developed by a team of Firefox. Firefox in this case has made the first version of the browser for mobile phones. Web browser will be available for the Nokia N900. Browser which has a code name Fernec will be followed by other mobile phone products in the world. And his plan, a special web browser mobile phones will be launched before the end of this year. On that have excelled in the computer browser has been sweeping the world of mobile phones currently in great demand by the public.

Moreover, this browser can be synchronized with desktop version, of course, with this feature the user's mobile phone browser will feel relaxed with it. They do not need to take or seek Modem connection to the Internet for Free. Synchronized in this case means any web page that opens on your desktop browser, will also be automatically opened in a mobile version.

However, there Fernec only in versions of Windows Mobile and Google Android, but not in the Apple version. And it seems to Apple, Firefox will not be made in a version of Apple because Apple does not want to use a browser other than Apple's browser itself.

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