Hackers can break the fast WLAN encryption

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WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network that means is a network that is in an area. This network is local area networks that are wireless or non-wire using radio waves (which is an Electromagnetic wave) as the transmission medium. Characteristic of which is, can we know that the wireless local area network is an electromagnetic wave. Wireless local networks, aims to provide a network connection to all users in a wireless broadcast to all users in that area. In a WLAN, we often recognize that the term LAN Encryption is a process of securing a piece of information by making such information can not be read without specialized knowledge assistance.

WLAN encryption while the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) can be solved by a beginner with a special tool in a few seconds through this WLAN. Previously we learned that, any existing network could be taken over by anyone except the network have the security of a network that can block access from anywhere. Therefore, now each new device is always equipped with "WPA" or "WPA2" which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access.

However, encryption is more secure he said, also can be solved by a professional hacker with only a matter of minutes and even in seconds. In this case the main cause is the user who uses the network. WPA allows the use of words as a password. Many users who chose the words of a general nature so that the opportunity to gain valuable passwords such as "Superman" or the words that is identical to the user such as a boyfriend, parents names, and some even make their own name. With brute-force attacks, hackers can break and professionals into a system that is protected with a password like that. It can also penetrate the WEP key as quickly as possible.

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