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In the year 2010, the motto of open source or freeware software in Indonesia is "IGOS" seems to be much brighter. "IGOS" which stands for Indonesia Go Open Source is a policy that was implemented in all parts of Indonesia where there is any software that we can have a full version without spending so much money. In the Operating System, Linux is a single player type of Operating System which are open source or freeware. Red hat, Fedora, Ubuntu is some kind of Linux Operating System is. Overview of the history of Linux Operation System, Linux itself is designed and programmed by Linux Torvalds. Linux name itself derived from the name of the Linux kernel itself, namely the Linux Kernel. Operating System was developed by Linux Torvalds and introduced in 1991, with the system, equipment and systems-based libraries The GNU Operating System which was introduced in 1983.

This has now developed various types of Linux, why? Because the Linux itself provides the freedom for all people to modify the previous Linux programs that so many new species emerged such as Red Hat, Fedora and Ubuntu. This is also the cause or Freeware Open source term. Sabily Linux is one of Linux Operating System that has developed in Indonesia. Actually this type of Operating System is the development of Ubuntu 9.04 was released on 20 April 2009. However, in the year 2010 this is starting Sabily Linux demand by Linux enthusiasts and IT customers across Indonesia. This is Sabily Linux Operating System which is modified by adding the nuances in each an Islamic program.

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One thing new is that so many Islamic programs on Linux Operating System this Sabily. Islaminya features include

1. Display Sabily and wallpaper with Islamic nuanced, Sabily also supported by various features such as Arabic text and language

2. Pulpit/ Mimbar application, the software alerts when Prayer

3. Zekr application, the software that contains about Al-Qur `an and the translation

4. Firefox-Praytimes, ie a browser that is added in the form of a reminder tool Sholat or Pray time

5. Webstrict application, the application filter-sites system, which could filtering sites that are not as good like porn sites and gambling sites

6. Thwab application, is the Encyclopedia systems that already exist on Linux Sabily

7. Hijra which is an Islamic calendar

8. Mus-haf Othman, ie a browser application of Al-Qur `an

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