Personal Computer is a small computer and a variety of forms and the Personal Computer has only 1 microprocessor. Every PC has a Net ID and IP address. This is often done by hackers and network software that can track the IP address.Net ID is an address that was assigned to the physical network. Net ID has to be provisions for each class that is used and you can not replace it with another number. If in a network group using the same IP class then, the Net ID is used must also be equal.

In the Net ID of course we also know about the Host ID or commonly known as Nods ID. In contrast to the Net ID, the Host ID or ID Nods we can change the number required. Nods Host ID or IP ID is a number that can represent any individual or any PC into a workstation. In this case, the Internet is divided into 3 types namely, e-commerce-related entrepreneurs, e-Government is the internet related to governance, and e-learning is Internet-related education.

Net ID and Host ID are also talking about the TLDs and SLDs. Top Level Domains are domains that most major Internet network. Meanwhile, the SLDs are Sub Level Domains which are domains that are under TLDs.

Examples of TLDs (Top Level Domains)
1. . com
2. . net
3. . org

Examples of SLDs (Sub Level Domains)
1. . for commercial
2. . for Network
3. to college
4. . to School
5. . for the organization

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