Stages in the programming

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In doing a programming there are several factors that need attention. The steps undertaken to solve problems in computer programming is as follows

1. Defines problem
Defines the problem is a mandatory first thing that we follow in making a program. This is done so that we can analyze the problem we are facing so that we can make the solution in the form of the program.

2. Making Algorithm and Structure How to Settlement
If the problem is complex, it will be divided into several modules. Algorithm preparation often starts from a global step. After that, the global step is refined to be more detailed steps or details.

3. Writing Program
When the algorithm is completed, and translated into computer language and will be a program. Noteworthy is the wrong selection algorithm will cause a program that has a working system is not good.

4. Finding Errors
In this stage, we will examine algorithms that have been translated into computer language earlier. The most common errors encountered a syntax error (writing program) and implementation error (semantics and logic).

5. Testing and Verification Program
If mistakes that we may have been repaired, then we should run and test whether the program we have made to walk with a maximum. When not running up there must be something wrong in our own programs.

6. Program Documentation
In the program documentation, there are two things that distinguish the Internal and External Documentation. Internal documentation is the documentation created in the program when we write the program lines. Meanwhile, External Documentation is documentation that done outside the program as a User Guide.

7. Maintenance the Program
Maintenance Program is the final stage which aims to improve the existing deficiencies and modify the program if desired.

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