The term in the computer section III

. NET Micro Framework A software framework that can be installed on the computer already running Microsoft Windows Operating system. In. NET Micro Framework, contained so many code libraries which can later be used for handling general programming, and a virtual machine can also handle the execution of programs that can be written specifically for this framework

Also called IP Address IP address is a row of binary digits between 32-bit to 128-bit which is often used as an identification address for each computer that is in the world. IP addresses are useful to all host computers in a network including the Internet can be better identified. The length of this figure is for 32-bit version of IP version 4 and 128-bit encryption for IP version 6. This is the IP address of the computer shows it on an internet-based network TCP / IP

Multiplayer Online In a co-op gamelay, if the co-op gameplay is a system where some players play together as a team, then the mode used to be multiplayer mode, some players will play competitively. The meaning of the multiplayer itself is a system that can be played in one or more people in one game.

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