The top 5 of the most popular programming languages in the world

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In the digital era, as now, many people compete to learn all kinds of knowledge in the field of application of science and technology. Computers are one of the application of such science. Many people also think that learning about computers is very difficult, not easy to like the thought. Graphic Design and learn programming languages are the two most popular among the public at this time. Especially with the slogan "anyone who can master science and technology, he is the people who are able to survive in the future".

For many people, learning programming languages and the ability to analyze and make an application programming language is very difficult to follow. Need some specific skills to succeed in this field. And we know that so many existing programming languages in cyberspace / the internet. As we know that the goal is made of a programming language is to facilitate us in making a useful application for people around us like a software or other applications.

At the present time has developed so many programming languages. Less is more nearly 1000 kinds of programming languages that have been developed by all human beings in this universe. However, from there it all 5 programming languages the most popular at the present moment, the following 5 names such programming languages are

1. Java

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2. C language

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3. PHP

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4. C & C++ Languages

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5. Visual Basic

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