Types of Computers

Personal Computer (PC)

(picture downloaded from http://www.techpin.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/firebird-with-voodoo-dna-hp-pc-desktop.jpg)

Personal Computer is a small computer and a variety of forms from every Personal Computer. Personal Computer (PC) of the greatest still be put on the table. This type of computer has only 1 piece of microprocessors and has an additional microprocessor used in the main processor. PC is widely used as a tool in an institution, such as educational institutions, offices, homes and private companies and domestic. Example of a PC:
1. Notebook PCs and PC netbook
2. PC Desktop

Supercomputer / Mainframe

(picture downloaded from http://blackcat.ca/lifeline_data/images/BIOINFORM001,Cluster-06-Supercomputer_Online-20020523-GALLERY.jpg)

Supercomputer is a computer that has multiple processors and has a very large size. This type of computer requires large storage space because the size of this computer giant. From the size, of course this computer has multiple processors so that the workings of a fast and certainly the price of this computer is very large.

Dedicated Computer

(picture downloaded from http://www.einfo.co.nz/shop/images/h852.jpg)

Dedicated Computer is a computer that was created for specific purposes such as for the game to mankind. Type of computer is composed of several mini-microprocessor so that the size of the computer Dedicated Computer type is not greater than the Personal Computer (PC). Examples of Dedicated Computer is a Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Microsoft Xbox and Game Cube.

Embedded Computer

(picture downloaded from http://www.welectronics.com/dvd/sony/sony-ns-57.jpg)

Embedded Computer is a computer made for some purpose. This kind of computer system has a single microprocessor. This kind of computer system functions as a controller unit placed on a device. One type of these devices include DVD PLAYER.

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