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Although in the year 2009, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems has released their named Windows 7, Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista is still loved and desired by the people in Indonesia. Operating System which was launched on 8 November 2006 ago, dedicated to all circles. Entrepreneur, IT enthusiasts, students and even for home users. Actually, Microsoft Windows Vista provides attractive features, it's just this operating system known as unstable and even too heavy to be used as an Operating System. Only computer and laptop with certain specifications that can run Windows Vista Operating System properly and smoothly.

Today, so many types of Microsoft Windows Vista. Why? As we know in advance that Microsoft released the Microsoft Windows Vista with several different types, it all depends on the function of the use of Microsoft Windows Vista. So far there are only 4 types of Windows Vista operating system as we know it. Here's a brief explanation of the three different types of Windows Vista

1. Windows Vista Home Basic

In Windows Vista Home Basic will have the Aero interface features, Media Center, Bitlocker encryption. However, backing up the system functions not found in the Home Basic version.

2. Windows Vista Home Premium

Vista Home Premium version is slightly superior to the Home Basic version because the version of Home Premium has been there a program to burn DVDs and besides the Home Premium version has the same features as the features of Home Basic Aero interface.

3. Windows Vista Business

In accordance with a version of Windows Vista, this version is intended for entrepreneurs who want to do their jobs well. Excellence in Business version of Windows Vista this is that there is a system where each user could log in to a domain company. In addition, Vista Business version has been equipped with the language replacement system.

4. Windows Vista Ultimate

Of all versions of Windows Vista that is, the Windows Vista version of Vista Ultimate is the most expensive version. This is because the Vista Ultimate version has better features than other versions, such as the Aero graphical user interface is more sophisticated, so users feel relaxed in running this system.

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