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Intel Quad-Core


The advantages of Quad-Core Intel include

Integrated Heat spreader (IHS) which serves to cool the chip while protecting from heat. IHS also acts as a heatsink contact area and provide a wider cooling.

Silicon Chip (Die), which is two chips on the Intel quad-core chip is 143 mm2 and the size of each chip consists of 291 million transistors. Cache in it as much as 4 MB.

Substrate that is the place or each container is placed on the Die Substrate. Contact components directly related to the motherboard. Intel CPU that has 775 Substrate.

The term in the computer section five

1. Bandwidth
Bandwidth is a capacity that indicate the media in bringing the information. Bandwidth can be used in many ways, such as telephone, cable network, buses, radio frequency signals, and monitors. Bandwidth is measured in rounds per second or Hertz (Hz), ie the difference between the lowest frequency with the highest frequency that can be transmitted. But the bandwidth can also be measured by the size of bits per second (bps).

2. Proxy
Proxy is a simple name for a proxy server. Computer servers or applications that act as another computer to make requests for content from the Internet and intranets. Users who interact with the Internet through a proxy server will not know that a proxy server to handle requests were done. Web server that receives requests from the proxy server considers these requests, as if the request is coming directly from the client computer instead of the proxy server.

3. Toolbar
Toolbar is one of the elements of graphical user interface (GUI) which became a place for buttons, icons, menus, or input and output elements of the other. Called the bar because of this widget is usually a long-shaped bars across the screen either vertically or horizontally. Toolbar defined by the first generation of programmers, and has a series of specific functions. In the latest OS (Operation System) and application, the Toolbar usually set back to make it look nicer.

4. Widget
Widget is an abbreviation of the word and form two words of the term in the computer. Widget itself formed from the "Windows Gadget". GUI element displaying certain information on a web page or in a desktop computer. As with gadgets, widgets are mini-sized and specialized functions, such as web browsers display information, processor, and so on.

The third generation of computers (1965-.....)

Greatest development of the computer means in the history of the progress of science and technology itself, today is marked by the creation of third generation computers. The turn between the second and third generation it was not clear but it is known that computers were the third generation began to be marketed in 1965. The specialty of this third-generation groups are used Monolithic Integrated Circuit (IC) replaces the use of Solid State Device or transistor in the second generation. With the basic use of these electronic devices, this machine runs much different from the previous generation capacity owned where much larger, more extensive use, the more complete the program facilities, use of multi-programming and multi processing. In other words, this third-generation computer can run several programs for the same time, and physically smaller size of the equipment. Another specialty of the third generation machines now the greater part of the human factor both power and accuracy have been taken by the machine itself.

On the basis of the development of computer machines mentioned above, the jobs are processed on the previous generation can be directly processed by the current generation. The third generation of computers on which there is a very important difference is the way to making the electronic energies are:
1. The first generation used vacuum tubes
2. The second generation using transistors (solid state device)
3. The third generation using IC (Integrated Circuit)

From the development of second-generation computers and the third on goals we can know the invention of computers has changed that is beyond human help in solving mathematical problems have turned into helping people in the field of information technology, especially technology.

The second generation of computers (1959-1965)

As a result of science and technology is growing, visible world technological progress made also with a second-generation machines around in the 1950s. The advantages gained from the machines of this second-generation computers when compared with the first generation of computers is:

1. Physically smaller and lighter
2. How it works faster and higher the power saving
3. Higher printing speed
4. Began to use a device that can store in a computer

the computer manufacturers that produce second-generation machines, among others:
1. IBM
2. NCR
3. RCA

Although the group machines of this second-generation computers have achieved very rapid progress compared to the computer machines first generation machines such as second-generation type is no longer used to drive the vacuum tube computers but have used solid state devices that are more familiar with transistor term. However, how to run these machines still require a lot of manpower.

First Generation of Computers (1945-1959)

(ENIAC Picture downloaded from http://schubincafe.com/blog/files/2009/08/eniac.jpg)

In the early 1940s Dr. John W. Mauchly of the Pennsylvania University realized that the need for a device that has a high speed and run by the electronic energy is time to process the data created in the amount and type of the lot, and accompanied by calculations complex. In 1945 Dr. John W. Mauchly and Prof. Eckert use the facility Moore School of Electrical engineering to build an engine design called ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator). This machine is run as a whole with electronics that are used to solve all the problems of mathematics. ENIAC Computer was the first-generation computer built and driven by the electronic vacuum tubes (vacuum tubes) with the number 18,000 vt and weigh 30 tons or less and must be placed in a large room.

(EDVAC picture downloaded from http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/kerola/tkhist/k2000/alustukset/eniacedvac/edvac.jpg)

In 1946 a mathematician Jhon von Neumann of Princeton University made a computer model known as the Von Neumann concept. Based on this concept of Mauchly and Eckert, and other experts to make a machine that is completion of the ENIAC machine. Completion of this machine was completed in the 1950s. Machines that have been perfected is named EDVAC (Electrical Discrete Variable Automatic Computer) which has a size smaller than ENIAC. Although these machines are smaller than the previous machine but has a large capacity. In 1946, Mauchly and Eckert set up a company called Eckert Mauchly Corporation to make computers that will be used in the commercial sector.

Development of Computer Machinery

(picture donwloaded from http://s4.hubimg.com/u/297959_f496.jpg)
One of the advances is computer science, the use of the computer itself is very prominent after World War II. No other computer as a tool of man in complex problem solving, and a lot number and type of the problem itself. Any problems faced by people just need the tools to solve the problem so that the computer is one way to solve various existing problems. Issues that require a computer tool among others in the field of organizations, companies, defense, education and even to all aspects of society. The development of computer machines can not be separated from the development of science and technology, more specifically in the field of administrative machines offices.

As a result of a series of discoveries in the field of technology in the 18th century in England. State be an English industrial revolution has begun a new century with the use of organizational growth companies in the industry that replaced the engine power of human energy that made it less effective to solve specific problems.

(picture downloaded from http://studentradio.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/babbage.jpg)

Since then, organizations large companies began to feel the need helpers in the office equipment to a good management. Office jobs are no longer effective when carried out only with hand jobs or manually. Then in 1880 created an office machines such as calculating machines and typewriters. Calculations automatically start made in 1812 by a British mathematician named Charles Babbage who created a calculating machine called the Difference Engine. This machine is then used as the initial discovery of machines we know today. The machine was used for calculating mathematical tables.

In 1883, Babbage recreate a new invention of a given machine with the name Analytical engine that can perform calculations whatever. This is the first machine was known as a general-purpose digital computer. In 1871, Babbage's death, after Babbage no significant progress for the development of computer machines. New in 1937, Professor Howard Aiken of Harvard University, created Calculating automatic machines. A few years later Aiken designing a new machine called the MARK I. Mechanical design was completed in 1944 which officially made the above named HARVARD.

Understanding Computers


computer word comes from English word that is to compute the mean count. But in Indonesia, said calculating machines, similar to a calculator (to calculate = count). The computer itself is a means of equipment (machinery) or a group of equipment (machines) that perform the work electronically, controlled, and controlled by the instructions / orders are entered into the program in a memory / storage (storage space). From the description above, it can be concluded the computer is a machine / electronic machinery group consists of several devices working together to implement a data processing or information processing. In Indonesian, the term computer is written with the computer. In learn the computer, do not have to master mathematics in depth, but if we understand the math, will be able to learn the faster the computer. In addition to logical thinking, someone who wanted to learn computers will also be able to master the computer properly.

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