Development of Computer Machinery

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One of the advances is computer science, the use of the computer itself is very prominent after World War II. No other computer as a tool of man in complex problem solving, and a lot number and type of the problem itself. Any problems faced by people just need the tools to solve the problem so that the computer is one way to solve various existing problems. Issues that require a computer tool among others in the field of organizations, companies, defense, education and even to all aspects of society. The development of computer machines can not be separated from the development of science and technology, more specifically in the field of administrative machines offices.

As a result of a series of discoveries in the field of technology in the 18th century in England. State be an English industrial revolution has begun a new century with the use of organizational growth companies in the industry that replaced the engine power of human energy that made it less effective to solve specific problems.

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Since then, organizations large companies began to feel the need helpers in the office equipment to a good management. Office jobs are no longer effective when carried out only with hand jobs or manually. Then in 1880 created an office machines such as calculating machines and typewriters. Calculations automatically start made in 1812 by a British mathematician named Charles Babbage who created a calculating machine called the Difference Engine. This machine is then used as the initial discovery of machines we know today. The machine was used for calculating mathematical tables.

In 1883, Babbage recreate a new invention of a given machine with the name Analytical engine that can perform calculations whatever. This is the first machine was known as a general-purpose digital computer. In 1871, Babbage's death, after Babbage no significant progress for the development of computer machines. New in 1937, Professor Howard Aiken of Harvard University, created Calculating automatic machines. A few years later Aiken designing a new machine called the MARK I. Mechanical design was completed in 1944 which officially made the above named HARVARD.

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