First Generation of Computers (1945-1959)

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In the early 1940s Dr. John W. Mauchly of the Pennsylvania University realized that the need for a device that has a high speed and run by the electronic energy is time to process the data created in the amount and type of the lot, and accompanied by calculations complex. In 1945 Dr. John W. Mauchly and Prof. Eckert use the facility Moore School of Electrical engineering to build an engine design called ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator). This machine is run as a whole with electronics that are used to solve all the problems of mathematics. ENIAC Computer was the first-generation computer built and driven by the electronic vacuum tubes (vacuum tubes) with the number 18,000 vt and weigh 30 tons or less and must be placed in a large room.

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In 1946 a mathematician Jhon von Neumann of Princeton University made a computer model known as the Von Neumann concept. Based on this concept of Mauchly and Eckert, and other experts to make a machine that is completion of the ENIAC machine. Completion of this machine was completed in the 1950s. Machines that have been perfected is named EDVAC (Electrical Discrete Variable Automatic Computer) which has a size smaller than ENIAC. Although these machines are smaller than the previous machine but has a large capacity. In 1946, Mauchly and Eckert set up a company called Eckert Mauchly Corporation to make computers that will be used in the commercial sector.

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