The second generation of computers (1959-1965)

As a result of science and technology is growing, visible world technological progress made also with a second-generation machines around in the 1950s. The advantages gained from the machines of this second-generation computers when compared with the first generation of computers is:

1. Physically smaller and lighter
2. How it works faster and higher the power saving
3. Higher printing speed
4. Began to use a device that can store in a computer

the computer manufacturers that produce second-generation machines, among others:
1. IBM
2. NCR
3. RCA

Although the group machines of this second-generation computers have achieved very rapid progress compared to the computer machines first generation machines such as second-generation type is no longer used to drive the vacuum tube computers but have used solid state devices that are more familiar with transistor term. However, how to run these machines still require a lot of manpower.

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