The term in the computer section five

1. Bandwidth
Bandwidth is a capacity that indicate the media in bringing the information. Bandwidth can be used in many ways, such as telephone, cable network, buses, radio frequency signals, and monitors. Bandwidth is measured in rounds per second or Hertz (Hz), ie the difference between the lowest frequency with the highest frequency that can be transmitted. But the bandwidth can also be measured by the size of bits per second (bps).

2. Proxy
Proxy is a simple name for a proxy server. Computer servers or applications that act as another computer to make requests for content from the Internet and intranets. Users who interact with the Internet through a proxy server will not know that a proxy server to handle requests were done. Web server that receives requests from the proxy server considers these requests, as if the request is coming directly from the client computer instead of the proxy server.

3. Toolbar
Toolbar is one of the elements of graphical user interface (GUI) which became a place for buttons, icons, menus, or input and output elements of the other. Called the bar because of this widget is usually a long-shaped bars across the screen either vertically or horizontally. Toolbar defined by the first generation of programmers, and has a series of specific functions. In the latest OS (Operation System) and application, the Toolbar usually set back to make it look nicer.

4. Widget
Widget is an abbreviation of the word and form two words of the term in the computer. Widget itself formed from the "Windows Gadget". GUI element displaying certain information on a web page or in a desktop computer. As with gadgets, widgets are mini-sized and specialized functions, such as web browsers display information, processor, and so on.

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