The third generation of computers (1965-.....)

Greatest development of the computer means in the history of the progress of science and technology itself, today is marked by the creation of third generation computers. The turn between the second and third generation it was not clear but it is known that computers were the third generation began to be marketed in 1965. The specialty of this third-generation groups are used Monolithic Integrated Circuit (IC) replaces the use of Solid State Device or transistor in the second generation. With the basic use of these electronic devices, this machine runs much different from the previous generation capacity owned where much larger, more extensive use, the more complete the program facilities, use of multi-programming and multi processing. In other words, this third-generation computer can run several programs for the same time, and physically smaller size of the equipment. Another specialty of the third generation machines now the greater part of the human factor both power and accuracy have been taken by the machine itself.

On the basis of the development of computer machines mentioned above, the jobs are processed on the previous generation can be directly processed by the current generation. The third generation of computers on which there is a very important difference is the way to making the electronic energies are:
1. The first generation used vacuum tubes
2. The second generation using transistors (solid state device)
3. The third generation using IC (Integrated Circuit)

From the development of second-generation computers and the third on goals we can know the invention of computers has changed that is beyond human help in solving mathematical problems have turned into helping people in the field of information technology, especially technology.

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