Intel Turbo Boost : Auto-Overclock Intel System


At the launch of i5-core processors, Intel has re-introduced the Turbo Boost technology that can improve the performance of an application. This Turbo Boost technology was already introduced in Nehalem, but Intel also tried it in Lynnfield.

Basically, over-clocking technology automatically added to the management processor core usage. In applications that require only a single thread, the processor will increase its clock by using a single-core cores alternately from the first until the fourth core. Clock is not working just going to wear a very minimal power.

That way, efficiency will be achieved in power consumption, but the application will run faster and faster. On a core 17 870, Turbo Boost will increase the processor's clock from the default 2.9 GHz clock to 3.6 GHz. At the time an application requires more than a thread, the processor will increase its clock is smaller than when the application requires a thread.

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