5 Types of viruses that often we meet


  • STUH, Trojan from this STUH be able to record the type of key strokes on the keyboard and peering password entered by the user's PC so that confidentiality in a PC no longer guaranteed. Not only that, this virus will also be some features like disable the Automatic Windows Update feature so that a PC can be easily attacked by viruses of other species.
  • FRAUDLOAD, Rogue Antivirus is the most potent weapon used by the virus of this type. This virus is one of the Rogue Antivirus programs can be a destroyer that can infect PCs via vulnerabilities contained in an application. Onwards, this virus will display several messages fake virus that will make PC users hooked to purchase full version antivirus software that is owned by credit card.
  • MONDER, After knowing Fraudload, Monder would also be known to us. This strain is similar to the type of virus Fraudload. That is one example of the fake antivirus application. While working on the PC, the disturbance is done to manipulate the security configuration found on our PCs so that the security system is not safe anymore. It is probable that the security system that has been damaged by viruses, other malware to infiltrate into our computer.
  • Auto run, If you frequently retrieve or store data in your Flash drive, of course you must already know that the virus auto run has a Flash drive your residence. This family of viruses spread in the same way there is no slight difference. Form of interference, which took over the functions performed Auto Play on storage media like USB Flashdrive or external hard drive and run the file as destructive files are no longer as files Auto Play.
  • Virus BUZUS, Buzus is an application that can be seen in classic form. The virus is evil because the virus is to see and to spy on computers that we use by taking all available information related to the FTP Server

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