Immunet Protect


After Panda Antivirus Cloud, Cloud Computing trend continues rolling with the arrival of the second player in the world of Cloud Computing-based antivirus, which is Immunet Protect. Like Cloud Panda Antivirus, Protect Immunet also freely available and has a mechanism that is slightly different because both rely on the community in providing protection services.

According to the manufacturer, it can cooperate with the antivirus antivirus or other security software that you have previously installed or can stand alone as the sole protection on the PC. One advantage of applying Immunet Protect as sole protection is the low usage of PC resources.

Antivirus which was pioneered by Oliver Friedrichs (Symantec former) is getting quite a positive response when viewed from the number of users increased 10 thousand people in just over a month. Immunet Protect has been designed to be able to support Windows versions 32 and 64 bits.

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