IPhone First Virus Discovered


An Information Technology Company security and data protection, Sophos, recently warned iPhone users about the presence of the first virus that can attack the iPhone device. And even the virus is already spreading in the region of Australia.

The virus is called the "ikee worm" can break through the iPhone and then change the lock screen wallpaper function becomes an image of Rick Astley, the pop star of the 1980s with a person "ikee is never going to give you up ". However, this virus can only be entered into the iPhone, which already uses jail brake for passing a wide range of applications not approved by apple. The virus is capable of breaking into jail brake applications on the iPhone if its owner has not changed the default password of their iPhone.

The researchers at Sophos suspect this virus is made by Ashley Towns, a student from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Those students are "singing" about this worm on his twitter page. Towns said he made a worm code and told that 26 of the 27 iPhone could be accessed because the iPhone does not change the default password.

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