Morris worm, the villain, or a scientist?

(Floppy Disk that contains the worm`s artificial code by Morris)In November 1998, a malicious program spread to approximately 6000 UNIX-based machines. Computers that become malicious programs that attack is very slow and even people who can not even run it. It also makes losses that reached millions of dollars. The event now known as the great worm. The Great Worm of 1998 is a history that can not be forgotten by the people in the cyber world. These events also provide a major impact on the world of information at the time. Not only as an initial worm spread around the world, but that event also opened the eyes of the world about the existence of cyber crime that could result in financial losses.

After investigation, a masters student at the time named Robert Tappan Morris aka RTM is the man behind the event the great worms of 1998. Apparently there was a worm behind a brilliant student who was in school at Cornell University in the master path. As a result, the scattered worm was named to the RTM last name, ie Morris worm. A nightmare caused Morris worm exacerbated by the actions of many people overestimated against Robert Morris. It was at that time existing Act Computer Fraud and Abuse (abuse and fraud with a computer) to be the main tool to punish Robert Morris due to spread by the Morris worm. And even he became the first person convicted in the law. He got a sentence of three years and 4000 hours the mass trials of social services to the public. and also must pay fines that total to reach 10 000 dollars.

By common sense, why the penalty against Robert Morris so much and even an exaggeration? certainly the main thing is that Morris was never intended to spread the worm in order to cause harm. It is said that the program was created just to measure how big the Internet network at the time. The only way to know how big the network is the only way to spread the worm. The worm works on UNIX systems, so he was able to conceal himself and also make copies themselves through the network by exploiting weaknesses in UNIX systems. While on the other hand, the worm exploits security holes it was like a malicious program that is currently rampant in circulation. The most devastating effects of the Morris Worm is its ability to reproduce itself in every system of the infected as a result more and more computer worms are not able to perform their respective functions optimally.

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