Acer S1 Series, an environmentally friendly products


In the middle of careering growth and development of technology, the device forms a lightweight, futuristic design, and a thin form factor into one of the things that are often sought after by producers. Of course without fail to improve the current specifications and features. Especially in the middle of an increasingly diverse choice, consumers must become more critical, not only considering design and price, but also with reliable performance. On the last June, Acer launched a product that would add to his portfolio, Acer S1 series.

By integrating LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) with a thin form factor, this product looks attractive because of its thickness is only about 13 millimeters. Some of the features included in the S1 Series is Acer eColor Management, a technology that will adjust the device performance with environmental background, lighting conditions, and preferences that allow users more comfort and flexibility while enjoying the view on the screen.

The next feature is the Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (the ACM) which will dynamically add to the sharpness of the image contrast ratio can be improved. This feature will analyze each scene and improve the look of each frame to enhance the color quality, and the gradation and detailed image. Another feature is the Acer eDisplay Management, a feature that will enhance the color calibration and display management. These features of the device are offered in four sizes (23 inches, 21 inches, 20 inches, and 18.5 inches), this in turn wrapped with attractive design that can support today's lifestyle. And in line with Acer's efforts to create products, S1 Series Acer using LED Backlight technology more environmentally friendly.

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