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Talking with friends through mobile phones is exciting. Especially for those who call a hobby for a long time. In addition to spending your money, use the phone too long also can affect health concern due to the effects of radiation. Here are some tips you can do.

Limit cell phone use on the most important call and speak only briefly. Remember that conversation through the phone too long, let alone for hours, are feared to have some adverse effects on health. However, if you do have to make long calls, it is recommended to use hands-free for safety. Limit cell phone use on children. We recommend that children who are toddlers are allowed to use phones in emergencies only. Considering they're still in the developmental stage, because the effect of radiation can affect large enough for their growth and development. If you use the phone without a handsfree, wait until the call is actually connected before putting the phone on the ear for talks. This aims to reduce cell phone radiation as possible. We recommend that you do not use a cell phone in a closed room or steel metal materials, such as in cars. Because, in a room like this, the phone must work hard to stabilize the connection so that the radiation was rising. In addition, there is the possibility of radiation bounces back to users in the room who dominated the steel material, you should avoid using your phone when the signal strength is only one bar or less. Because of it, under such conditions, the phone must work hard to stabilize the connection so that the radiation increase. Happy call healthy.

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