In order to keep cell phone batteries lasting


Imagine suddenly discharged cell phone battery while you're receiving calls from important clients. Discussion was disconnected before the meeting an agreement. Surely, these things can be very annoying and even worse relationships with clients. Do not let that happen to you, take care of cellular phone batteries from this day forwards so durable. One factor that could make the batteries run out quickly hot. Nevertheless, avoid putting the phone in that areas like the one above the dashboard, near the engine, or in the sun. Nor we should leave it in the car in the parking outside the room because, even if protected from sunlight, air temperature inside a car can become very hot. Another way to maintain long-lasting battery that is to set a ringing tone and vibration in accordance with needs. Turn off the tone of vibration when it is no longer needed. If you are near your phone, arrange to have his voice is not too hard and do not need to use the length rhythm of ring tone. I, Furthermore, advised not to activate the ringing tone with the tone of the same shape.

In addition, do not get used to play games or listen to songs with the phone. Play games cause the battery runs out because the lights are continuously on the screen lights up, not to mention if the game is played to vibrating tone and voice. Similar to hear the song, must be absorbed from the battery charger was not small. Do not all too often turn off and turn on the phone.

Finally, turn off the GPRS and Bluetooth facility follows all existing applications when you are finished using it. Turn off your phone when a weak signal. Thus batteries do not need to discard the useless power. Another thing that also should not be underestimated is the power to recharge the battery. Do Charge batteries at night, and you stay asleep until morning. Charge too long can cause the battery to be reduced storability. Do not be surprised if the batteries run out quickly even though the phone is rarely used. So, to avoid this, when the battery is full, you should immediately unplug the charger.

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