N82Jv Asus, a Notebook which Adopt Advanced Technology


Some devices have been deliberately made to accommodate the needs of people. Technological device that carries the latest specifications and features as if she never escaped the attention and often managed to grow interest in all of us to buy. Especially in advanced multimedia technology, consumers would expect a high performance for comfort while enjoying the various multimedia offerings. But it all can be answered through a series of Asus N82Jv which is one of the Asus N-series series which has been equipped with a USB 3.0 connection and built specifically to provide The best entertainment ever.

Through this N82Jv Asus, Asus tries to offer a powerful multimedia notebook that was wrapped by aluminum textured so that it looks more attractive. Devices Asus has become increasingly attractive and charming because N82Jv become works of Asus's first notebook that uses USB 3.0 connectivity with speeds up to 4.8 Gb / s so when compared to USB 2.0 speed USB connections on Asus reach 10 times the normal connection speed is only 480 Mb / s. For graphical performance, Asus graphics card carried by the famous, Nvidia Optimus Technology, the latest in N82Jv switchable graphics. This technology automatically selects the use of GPU, so in addition to presenting an optimal combination of graphics performance also supports a long battery life.

This is because the USB 3.0 can make the process more quickly recharge the battery with 900 mA current strength. If it is idle, it is automatically a USB 3.0 device will enter suspend mode so it can extend battery life. To illustrate the performance of the Asus device, when playing games with complex graphics, to enhance graphics performance will automatically use a discrete GPU, Nvidia Geforce 335 with 1 GB of VRAM.

While time did not require high graphic computing performance, such as when browsing the Internet or doing jobs such as Microsoft Office will automatically use the GPU HD, integrated Intel GMA. With 3.2-inch LCD screen can be used not only as advice and assistance status is displayed through charts, but also can be used to display digital photos and some Internet content. And flexibility users became more optimal because the device has a storage capacity of 500 GB of SATA hard disk size of 2.5 inches. Interested?

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