HP Envy 17 3D

Notebook generation of today is great. Simply bring this tool alone, we can enjoy a variety of multimedia entertainment, like listening to music dazzling audio quality up to enjoy the sensation of the film 3 Dimensions.

Of course the big question for us, how could a notebook can get an amazing audio with 3D display? If you do not believe, try to buy a premium notebook HP ENVY 17 3D that has been supported by technology BeatsAudio.

With innovative technology and design more perfect, the HP ENVY offers a new flavor to the dish-quality digital entertainment with the support of a good performance. If you touch, hear, see and you feel, you will find a special blend of high quality materials, advanced technology and innovative, and elegant design that describe the product from HP this.

And even the latest 3D 17 ENVY series along with accessories to be the magic that will delight you thanks to 3D technology and studio-quality sound, whether enjoyed at home or at the time outside the home.

HP ENVY 17 3D is equipped with a series of processors and based to Core Intel, the Intel Core i7 premises Intel Turbo Boost Technology with support for 8 GB of memory. This notebook is also reinforced with discrete graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5850 1 GB which makes the process of multimedia information processing high defenition run smoothly without interruption, even when run simultaneously with other processes.

What about the 3D technology HP ENVY? This notebook provides 3D stereoscopic visual experience without sacrificing the 2D content. Through the HP 3D Ultra BrightView Infinity HD LED Display size 17.3 inches, the experience of watching a Blu-ray 3D content you will really real.
There is also a HP 3D ActiveShutterGlasses who do wireless synchronization to display HD digital content presented so as to make clear. Not only that, HP also includes content that allows users to enjoy 3D dish instantly. And more interesting, this notebook has a very large storage capacity, which is 2 TB.

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